About Us

Our Story

So much more than just another Online Service Provider. 

We are passionate about empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs and strive to give them the support they need to excel at what they do best! 

After being in the corporate environment for almost 15 years our founder, Corné, started this business by doing remote work for her former employer.  It was so effective and in demand that she decided to launch an online business so that other business owners could also take advantage of the benefits of working with a remote team. As demand increased it was necessary to source new talent to join the team. The ability to team up with other brilliant women in the virtual assistant industry provided the necessary capacity and expert skills to raise the service delivery standards to a whole new level.

This was in 2018 and we haven’t looked back since! 

It’s been a blessing!    

Why we are different

We believe in listening to the client’s needs. Being pro-active, and delivering quality work that enables our clients to concentrate their energy on what’s important for them to do in their business. 

Seeing a project through from start to finish and providing excellent feedback and regular communication so that the client is up to date on the progress. 

“A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail.”  ~ John Foster Dulles 

Super Efficient

'achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense'

Deeply Commited

'dedication and loyalty to achieving the desired result'

Highly Skilled

'having the expertise and abilities to exceed expectations'

Corné Morrison